Help & Support

i.LEVEL provides a comprehensive help & support service that offers outstanding assistance and back-up for all i.LEVEL software solutions and modules.

We believe that effective support is vital for any fashion business because IT issues often result in lost revenue and need to be resolved swiftly and successfully.

i.LEVEL's support includes unlimited telephone and email support from our own head office and, if necessary, on-site visits. As part of our licence service, clients also receive regular software updates and improvements.

i.LEVEL has four main help & support services:

Initial Training

i.LEVEL’s initial training includes on-site installation, set up and software training. We ensure that all training is offered in manageable segments and geared towards teaching staff how to use software modules relevant to their position only. Staged training also helps keep any disruption to a minimum.

Remote Assist

Remote assist allows an i.LEVEL team member to resolve software issues by accessing a client’s own i.LEVEL system and making software changes remotely. This solution is particularly effective when phone or email contact fails to solve an initial problem.

To access our Remote Assist web portal, please click here.

Concession Help

Concession Help is our specific help & support for i.LEVEL's concession module. Concessions are a unique retailing challenge because they demand that retailers manage stock, pricing and sales in a ‘foreign’ environment. For that reason i.LEVEL provides support solely for this software module, ensuring that concession IT issues are dealt with quickly.

To access our Concession Help web portal, please click here.

i.LEVEL Wholesale Help

i.LEVEL's Wholesale Help is our help & support service for our i.LEVEL Wholesale solutions. Our Wholesale Help & Support is geared towards resolving any software issues speedily and successfully.

To access our Wholesale Help web portal, please click here.


To access our E-POS Help web portal, please click here.