BeJealous concessions

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to BeJealous, the latest fashion brand to use our clothing software. Founded in Manchester in 2012, BeJealous creates trend-led fast fashion pieces, targeted at everyday women, as well as a burgeoning men’s and Plus Size collection.

The online-only brand ultimately aims to become the market leader in delivering fast fashion to women internationally at affordable price points. With 100 product updates every week, the brand is taking its ambitions seriously.

BeJealous is using i.LEVEL for its latest concessions in both Debenhams and House of Fraser. Both concessions have been arranged by Hallett Retail, the renowned concessions retailer.

Why i.LEVEL Software?

We are integrated with Debenhams and House of Fraser which allows BeJealous to trade with these retailers effortlessly (both online and High Street retail). When they transfer stock to either retailer, our clothing software automatically ensures that the barcode, clothing style and price are registered on the store’s checkout tills within two working days. No computer file handling or uploading is needed at all.

Similarly, after the close of trade each day, daily sales from all participating concessions are automatically transmitted to i.LEVEL during the night. At the opening of trade the following morning BeJealous can view precisely what was sold the previous day allowing them to replenish stock smartly.

Our concession stock process is fully automated, 365 days a year, with no ongoing user action needed. In short, it’s quick, seamless and straightforward. It’s also the leading concessions software in the UK by some distance.

We’d like to wish BeJealous all the best with its concessions in Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Finally, if you’d like to know more about i.LEVEL and how our clothing software can help you manage your independent fashion brand, drop us a line at or call 01234 761 757.

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