Dolly & Dotty’s fashion management system

We’d like to welcome our latest client, vintage specialists Dolly and Dotty, who are using i.LEVEL’s fashion management system for their concessions in Debenhams online.

Our fashion management system has at its core a state-of-the-art stock control system which includes colours, sizes and styles. We then developed modules around it, targeted at specific uses within fashion, such as wholesale, concessions, ecommerce and EPOS to name but a few (there are many more).

Indeed, one of the central tenets of our fashion management system is to empower fashion brands to sell across multi-channels smartly and effectively, whether it’s wholesale, concessions, ecommerce or High Street retail.

Dolly and Dotty are using our concessions module to manage their stock within Debenhams online, with the seamless, integrated transfer of sales information to and from Debenhams. This allows Dotty and Dolly to know what’s selling and where, enabling them to replenish stock quickly and smartly. The result? Optimised sales channels and effective concessions stock management.

All that remains is to wish Dolly and Dotty all the best with their concessions in Debenhams. i.LEVEL has a number of vintage and rockabilly fashion brands as clients and we love their timeless appeal, colourful prints and the sense of joy they bring to the British fashion scene, and farther afield. Indeed, British vintage and rockabilly is extremely popular overseas due to its quirky and colourful appeal.

Dolly and Dotty are no different, with their wide range of vintage and rockabilly styles bringing a warm smile to anyone wearing them. We particularly like the gallery of customers wearing their outfits, which brings a sense of community and belonging to their brand – it’s an excellent idea not widely used (other than on social media).

Incidentally, we now have over 140 fashion brands who use i.LEVEL’s fashion management system to manage parts or all of their multi-channel sales operations. You can view some of them here. They cover womenswear, menswear, accessories, jewellery and more…

If you’d like to know more about our fashion management system, please email us at  or phone us on 1234 761 757. We would be pleased to demo our system either in person or via Skype.





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