How can fashion brands boost search visibility?

At i.LEVEL we’re not experts in search marketing – that’s not what we’re about – instead, we’re the UK’s #1 fashion software offering stock control, wholesale and concessions and much more besides.

But as fashion professionals, we’re close to the market and we know just how important it is for brands to get their search right. For online-only brands it can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s that important.

But how can young, independent fashion brands compete against the likes of ASOS?

ASOS is the UK’s biggest online-only clothing retailer and hopes to generate annual revenues of £2.5bn by 2019. The resources it can dedicate to search marketing are almost infinite.

Is it any wonder then that in terms of search, and share of voice, ASOS is at the top of the pile in the UK? In fact, in terms of online visibility ASOS owns 15% of the market overall. To put that into perspective, all other fashion websites outside of the top thirty own just 20% of the market. That’s a big ouch. No wonder they’re so dominant.

It gets worse. Within womenswear, the most important search term is ‘dresses’. It’s by far and away the most searched for word in the fashion industry, by a factor of two. Unsurprisingly, ASOS owns 15% of the market for this phrase too.

So how can young labels compete online? Well, some help is at hand.

The global non-profit organisation serving the search engine marketing industry, SEMPO, has recently written a blog on the topic solely for independent labels.

It’s chief piece of advice? Think outside the box. Act different. Be original.

As the writer says, “When you’re a small player in a competitive industry the standardised rules that govern the Internet might not be the most effective, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try things that don’t conform to the norm. After all, if you always go with the grain you could end up with a website that’s forever trailing behind the corporate giants.”

The blog provides an interesting case study with accessories brand Bikerringshop (who sell men’s rings and biker jewellery). This brand’s website is hardly a work of art, it’s functional at best. But it’s hugely visible. Why?

They built a ring size conversion chart which attracts many external links because it’s useful. As a result, Bikerringshop have managed to outrank many of the bigger brands for ‘ring’ specific keywords. It’s a niche example, but a damn good one.

Overall, if you’re in fashion, the SEMPO blog aimed at independent labels is certainly worth a read.

On a related topic, if you’d like to know more about search rankings for many of the fashion industry’s keywords, it’s worth having a read of Pi Datametrics free report on the topic. The report can be downloaded here.

Finally, if you’d like to know more about us and how our #1 fashion software solutions like stock control, wholesale, concessions, EPOS, warehouse scanning and mobile order taking can help take your independent fashion label to the next level, drop us a line at or call 01234 761 757.


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