Our latest wholesale brand? Girl in Mind

We’re proud to welcome the latest fashion brand to use our fashion wholesale solution – Girl in Mind.

Founded and based in Leicester, Girl in Mind’s collections consist of high quality garments in bold prints, often with visually striking embellishments. The label boasts an extensive range of womenswear from party dresses to cosy knitwear, casual tops to summer skirts, all at an affordable price-point. The styles are trend inspired, from catwalks to celebrity infused fashion.

Whilst the brand has a strong stand-alone ecommerce presence, it has ventured into wholesale and become very successful. Whilst we can’t name names, many of the UK’s leading ecomm fashion powerhouses stock Girl in Mind, a testament to their in-house team of designers in Leicester. Wholesale is now a significant revenue stream for the brand across the board.

What does i.LEVEL’s fashion wholesale solution offer Girl in Mind? It will allow the brand to track its clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, warehouse to independent retailers, ensuring their fashion supply chain is commercially watertight and all revenues are accounted for.

As our CEO, Leif Roenn, says: “Strongly performing fashion brands who branch out into wholesale encounter a new set of challenges, especially in terms of management oversight and commercial revenue accountability. Our fashion wholesale software is designed to address this challenge head on and give fashion brands a 360 degree overview of their stock wherever it is in the supply chain.”

We’d like to welcome Girl in Mind to i.LEVEL and wish them every success as they continue to expand their successful fashion wholesale operations.

If you’re interested to know more about our fashion wholesale solution, or indeed any other of our fashion software modules, please contact us on 01234 761 757 or email . We’d be delighted to demo our solution in person or online.


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