Improvements to our #1 fashion stock control solution

We’re proud to announce the latest in our series of ongoing modifications and improvements to our #1 fashion stock control solution. All are designed to make the job of stock control (and concessions) just that little bit easier, quicker and smoother.

Here they are in detail (upgrade no. 5615):


  • We’ve added ‘Order Number’ to ‘Web Sales Customers’ Screen – When selecting an order, you are now able to see the ‘Order #’ (i.e. Order Number) assigned to each order created. This improvement allows you to use the relevant order number to search for an order in ‘Operations > Web Sales’. This could be used if, for example, you need to find an order again after it has been processed (for any reason).
  • Search Option for b2b Trade Web Customers – We have created a tick box to search for either b2b Trade Web customers or non-Trade web customers. Set up > Customers > Search > i.LEVEL find.
  • Tradebyte Stock Movements (Zalando integration) Mark items as UTF in movements will not be created. To make ‘in’ movements you need to cancel the individual items and not mark them as UTF. Setting an item as UTF will not move pieces back into stock.
  • Operations > Web Sales‘Order #’ has now been added under the ‘Delivery Address’ section. This is so the user can identify the ‘Order #’ and search for it in Operations > Web Sales > Find > Find Order Ref.
  • Web Stock Validation on Retail Alt Price – Hallett SKU enrichment, Debenhams transfers and Debenhams Direct SKU enrichmentIn order to adhere to Debenhams rules, a SKU must now have both a valid GBP and EUR RRP to be valid for transfer in Debenhams concession host. In ‘Validation’ there is now a check done on EUR RRP (Retail Alt Price). This field must have a valid RRP on products in Stock that are to be validated, otherwise validation in Web Stock will fail.

General & Wholesale

  • Customer Order History now displays a ‘Created By’ username  – You can now see which user has created a customer order when looking at the history of that specific order. Previously this information was not recorded so this only affects new orders created from this point onwards.
  • Combined Wholesale & Retail Reports – We have introduced a selection for ‘By Sku’ and ‘SKU Size’; The ‘From Date’ now defaults to the last Sunday every two weeks.
  • Font formatting on Invoice Clauses > Standard Clause – We have added a right-click so that you can now format the font you want (similar to that available in Payment Information). File > Preferences > Invoices > Invoice Clauses > Standard Clause > highlight text you want to format.


  • We’ve added ‘Style Code’ to our Xero Integration – If you have the Xero Integration for i.LEVEL enabled, the style code of any products you have on an invoice will now be included in the ‘Description’ field when they are sent to Xero.
  • We’ve added the Delivery Charge to Manual Xero Export – Previously, if you created an invoice with a delivery charge in i.LEVEL and then exported this to Xero using the manual Xero export, the delivery charge was not included on the export. If you do this now, you will get another line on the export which contains the delivery charge for the invoice.

All the above improvements will only further enhance and improve the performance of our #1 fashion stock control solution. Indeed, our continuous programme of upgrades, improvements and development are a key reason why brands of the stature of Religion, Yumi, Ariella, Merc and AX Paris use us as their preferred solution.

Stop Press: A newsletter will be soon going out to our client fashion brands with all the above information in greater detail, along with image guides.

If you would like clarification or assistance with any of the above, please contact i.LEVEL Customer Support on 01234 761 758 | email . We would be only too pleased to help. And don’t forget, our Bedford-based tech team are on hand to answer all queries between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, if you are new to i.LEVEL’s #1 fashion stock control solution or indeed any other of our cutting edge modules (mobile order taker, concessions, fashion wholesale, EPOS, etc), please call our sales and marketing dept on 01234 761 757 | email . We’d be happy to demo our solutions in person or via online screenshare (Skype etc). We are also ever-present at many of the major UK fashion trade shows including the forthcoming Pure London.







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