Jewellery concessions – Lily & Rose

The latest brand to use our jewellery concessions software is Lily and Rose – well-made jewellery inspired by the world’s crown jewels and vintage accessories with a Scandinavian twist.

Lily and Rose was founded by Therese Zetterberg in Gothenburg in 2011 and such has been the brand’s huge impact overseas, it has been selected by Hallett Retail as ideal for UK concessions.

The concessions are within ten carefully selected House of Fraser high street stores and Lily and Rose is now live and trading using our jewellery concessions software to transfer sales and stock data between themselves, House of Fraser and Hallett Retail.

We are already integrated with House of Fraser and Hallett, so for us to get Lily and Rose up and trading within HoF concessions was simply a case of activating our system for Lily and Rose as well as on-site training.

Lily and Rose also receive the benefits of our specialist Tech Support Team in Bedford which is available exclusively for clients from 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. They look after all our client fashion brands, ensuring that clients can extract the best value from our software and have it working optimally.

You can view Lily and Rose’ superb range of jewellery on its Facebook page as well as its website. We’d like to wish the brand every success as it reaches out to UK consumers with its extensive range.

Our jewellery concessions software is used by dozens of jewellery brands across the UK, trading with a multitude of different high street stores, ecommerce platforms and online retailers. In fact it’s the UK’s leading concessions software (including clothing, accessories and even beauty & make up).

i.LEVEL’s jewellery concessions software also comes with a best-in-class reporting suite. These reports are designed by our tech development team who have many years’ worth of experience at the sharp end of fashion. We have an in-depth feel for what our clients need when it comes to fashion concessions reporting, and our reports empower brands to merchandise their concessions as effectively as they can.

With over 130 fashion brands using our software, not just concessions but stock control, wholesale and a wide range of associated modules, we’d be delighted to set up a one-to-one demo on request. Just drop a line to or call 01234 761 757. Alternatively, if you’d like to meet us at a UK fashion trade show, we’d be pleased to meet you for coffee and show you our system using an enabled laptop.


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