Latest improvements and updates

We’re proud to announce the latest in our series of ongoing modifications and improvements. All are designed to make the job of stock control and concessions just that little bit easier. They are as follows:

Concession Sales for brand hosts

The colour name column can now be added to the concession sales view, so that the user may see the SKU’s colour name rather than just the colour code.

New outlet pop-up when creating customers

You will now be alerted when trying to create a customer without an Outlet. When creating a new customer without also creating an outlet at the same time, you will now be asked to create an Outlet. If you choose yes, you will be taken to the screen to add an outlet, otherwise the customer will save without one.

Addition to Stock Find tool

Operations > Stock > Find. There is now a Cumulative stock drop down, to search for items less than the figure entered for a particular style or SKU.

Improvement made to Store Activity for Debenhams Online brands

For Debenhams online store returns, users can now search for the original store where the item was returned. This can be accessed in the Store Activity report. Choose Debenhams Concession Host > click Print > i.LEVEL reports > Store Activity. You can then utilise the Find button to search for Debenhams Sales and Returns. The find tool now contacts a tick box named ‘Search Original Store’.

Improvement to Store List

In Customer Orders > Go to Print > i.LEVEL Reports > Dispatch Information tab > SKU list report. For both Fulfilled and Unfulfilled orders, the report’s raw data can now be exported to Excel.

Stock Report improvement

In Operations > Stock > Print > i.LEVEL report’s > Stock Reports tab. The In Stock/Surplus/Availability reports now have the option to show RRP’s rather than just trade prices.

i.LEVEL Mobile

As an extra security measure, password’s for Agent’s can only be added if a unique prefix has been given to the agent.

Changes for B2B customers

  • When using the Select Web Stock screen to add SKU’s to the trade web store, there is now a filter option to narrow down the pieces you are looking for. The window now hides SKU’s already uploaded to Web Stock by default. The user can now also click Mark All to quickly mark a lot of SKU’s once they have filtered down the list.
  • When looking at Customer records in i.LEVEL, B2B users are now able to search for customers that have an affiliation to the trade web store by using a tick box in the Find window.

Improvement to Web Order integration

DPD Export and Import Function on Completed Order’s tab – Contains shipping drop down menu to allow you to export i.LEVEL references, and then an Import option to import the DPD shipment references.

Retail Scanning improvement for Web Sales

User is able to send one or more retail orders to warehouse scanners to be picked. When multiple orders are selected to be picked, a dialog box will appear with options to choose which scanner you would like to send the orders to. If more than one order is selected, you can choose whether you want the orders to be sent as a combined pick list or individual scan jobs.

Once orders have been scanned and transferred back to i.LEVEL, another screen will give you the choice to select the job you wish to complete. It then shows the breakdown of the orders with any non-picked items given the status of UTF. This requires the user to give a UTF reason for those items, by right clicking on said list.

Finally, if you’d like to know more about any of the above improvements and modifications, please don’t hesitate to contact our tech support team on 01234 761 758 or email .

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