We are rolling out more improvements and changes

Keeping ahead of the trend and ensuring our fashion wholesale software and stock control solutions remain cutting edge demands constant work.

Many fashion brands don’t know we have a dedicated tech team and development centre based in Bedford. The tech team’s offices are across the corridor from our support team which means both departments are constantly liaising with each other.

It means we have a solid feedback loop operating between clients, tech support and development. This keeps our fashion software state-of-the-art, dynamic and market-leading in its features.

We have recently updated our fashion software and rolled out a number of modifications and improvements. All have been designed with our users in mind and to make the job of stock control, wholesale and concessions just that little bit easier.

Our latest improvements are as follows:

New – Profiles for Barcode label printing

Label printing has undergone a significant change in all areas of i.LEVEL. There is now the option to set up multiple profiles for barcode label printing to allow for multiple printing layouts.

Wholesale Returns Management

Up until now returns and credit notes have been handled as negative orders and deliveries but that has been updated. They will now be created using the Returns section and all quantities will be added as positive figures. This will have several advantages including easy creation of Credit Notes and the creation of a Returns report.

SKU Analysis Report

You can now produce a report from Customer Orders that will give total sales value and total stock value per SKU, for any selected orders.

Report Update – In Stock by Style or SKU

We have enabled an extra exporting option for In Stock reports. The report options will now allow you to distinguish between Style and SKU by selecting your choice.

EU Delivery charge

Delivery Charges on EU orders can be sent to Xero as 0% VAT. Any brands using this should contact support for instructions.

Manual Exports for Xero

Like with our existing function for Sage, you can now manually export customers and invoices to Xero.

Ecomm Settings Available for B2B

This allows you to select which Stock figure you would like to be sent up to the B2B Site. You can also select ‘Use ESM Stock’ to view stock levels from your alternative warehouse.

We are confident that these changes will make some small but significant improvements to our fashion wholesale software and stock control solutions.

If you are an existing i.LEVEL fashion brand client, you will already have received notification about these changes. If you need further guidance or help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team on 01234 761 758 or email .


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