Shoe stock control software

Whilst i.LEVEL is primarily known for its fashion software solutions covering clothing, accessories and jewellery, we also cover shoes. In fact our shoe stock control software is as ground-breaking and pioneering as all our other solutions.

Our shoe stock control software allows a shoe brand to manage its wholesale stock by shoe size; shoe style; shoe colour; and shoe product groups. Even better, the solution is modular and completely scalable.

It grows in tandem with your brand ensuring that you are always in total control of your stock and its whereabouts. If necessary you can start with a single user system and over time upgrade to a multi-level, multi-user package. In short, you are in total control.

Our shoe stock control software also creates reports that offer invaluable commercial insights across almost every aspect of your shoe business’s operations.

These reports have been designed by our own development team which has over 40 years’ worth of experience at the sharp end of fashion. This means we have an in-depth feel for what our clients need when it comes to fashion wholesale reporting. The goal is simple – to increase the revenue and profit for our client brands.

Incidentally, we also welcome calls to our tech support centre with questions about how you can create reports that suit your business structure. More often than not, these reports have already been developed but many of our clients don’t realise they are available!

We haven’t stopped there either. Our shoe stock control software has a range of add-on modules that serve to enhance a shoe brand’s operations. These include our tablet order taker which lets agents know what’s in stock on the move, allowing them to direct sales at readily available lines; our Xero and Shopify integrations; our dashboard which has charts of Stock by Location, Supplier Orders by Status etc; and not forgetting our concession module which is Europe’s #1 fashion concession software.

In short, our shoe stock control software is market leading both in terms of its usability, functionality and also the range of add-on modules it offers.

If you’re interested in knowing more please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01234 761 757, email or DM us using our Twitter handle @ilevelSoftware. We look forward to hearing from you!


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