Pure SS19: Wholesale is back!

It’s been barely a week since Pure SS19 wrapped up but we’ve needed that time to cool down. It was sweltering, with Pure’s air conditioned press office the only area of respite under Olympia’s cavernous halls.

Yet, despite the heat, it was also worthwhile and if there’s one thing we came back with, it’s this: Wholesale is back. With a bang.

This might seem odd given the headwinds facing High Street retail – you’d be forgiven for expecting wholesale to decline under current market conditions. But just as the internet has disrupted whole swathes of the British High Street, it’s also provided some incredible opportunities, notably in ecommerce.

Not only have High Street retail groups like Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser expanded their ecommerce operations, but cross-platform online stores such as Zalando and ecommerce platforms like ASOS are making serious inroads into UK fashion.

The result? Wholesale is back, as well as ecommerce concessions, with fashion brands clamouring to harness the ecomm opportunities now available to distribute their brands across multi-platforms.

i.LEVEL is responding to this with a whole swathe of initiatives in 2018. Firstly, in January we launched our Tradebyte integration. This German company is now owned by Zalando and, by integrating with Tradebyte, we enable fashion brands to sell across all of Zalando’s channels.

Secondly, in early summer, we announced our new ASOS module. This makes it straightforward for fashion brands to sell to ASOS whilst also keeping rigorous oversight of stock levels, distribution and supply chain logistics, saving many hours of tedious manual work.

But our wholesale offering doesn’t stop with integrations. Far from it. Indeed, a core part of i.LEVEL is our wholesale clothing software which gives brands tight control over all aspects of their wholesale operations – with i.LEVEL you can create purchase orders, customers orders, invoicing in-stock, supply, sales, free to sell, all in one view.

Moving to the second half of 2018, we have more wholesale initiatives and other integrations in the pipeline. These are being rigorously tested as we speak for launch later in the year.

The bottom line is this: if you are a fashion or accessories brand looking to either move into or expand their wholesale operations, i.LEVEL is the leading wholesale clothing software on the market.

If you missed us at Pure but would like to receive a live demo, we’d be more than happy to meet up. Simply contact us on 01234 761 757 or email . Otherwise we’ll see you at Pure in February 2019. We can guarantee it will be cooler!


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