Barcode Scanning

Retail staff checking stock levels on system using a barcode scanner.

Barcode scanning is essential for any retail and wholesale business as it allows for automated data collection and stock control. i.LEVEL’s fashion retail software provides a comprehensive barcode scanning solution to fulfil every retail need as well as ensure effective warehouse management.

Uniquely, i.LEVEL automatically creates a barcode every time a new item is introduced – there is no need for downloading barcodes from external sources.

1D Barcode Scanning

Traditional barcodes found on everyday goods and fashion items are called one-dimensional barcodes. This is because they are scanned in one direction only (horizontally) and because they contain just one string of information. i.LEVEL’s fashion retail software fully integrates with 1D barcode scanning technology allowing for accurate, quick stock control and easy warehouse management.

An example of a 1D barcode

It allows three levels of scanning: style pack, colour pack and individual item barcodes, ensuring that if a brand only sells in packs, they have just one scan to enter XS1, S2, M3, L2 and XL1 sizes.

Whether it’s ‘pick & pack’, quantifying and logging deliveries, stock counts or monitoring goods transferred to warehouse, i.LEVEL’s barcode scanning solution is able to handle every task effortlessly. It’s also perfect for cash & carry and creating customer orders.

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