Stock Control

A busy warehouse that will benefit from i.level's fully scalable stock control system.

i.LEVEL offers a complete and scalable stock control solution specifically for the fashion industry, including accessories such as jewellery. Our stock control solution is at the very heart of what we do and is designed to fully support and empower customer-facing operations. Indeed, we feel that fashion wholesale and retail only operates effectively when the back office systems handle information accurately, quickly and seamlessly.

Our stock control solution is modular in format and completely scalable. It grows in tandem with your business ensuring that you are always in total control of your stock and its movements. Some of our biggest customers – major high street brands – started with a small single user stock control system and have since upgraded to a multi-level, multi-user package. For inventory management we believe there is nothing better on the market.

i.LEVEL Core Stock Control

Our i.LEVEL Core stock control is the foundation of a fashion wholesaler’s inventory management. It gives you full control over the essential part of your business – customer orders, PO’s, stock and invoicing – whilst providing seamless data integration with accounts packages.

i.LEVEL offers stock control for the entire fashion industry:

  • Wholesale
  • Concession
  • Epos
  • e-Commerce & Websites

All the above work within the same, single stock control solution providing wholesalers and retailers with up to date knowledge of what’s in-stock, new sales and supplies. The i.LEVEL Core solution also creates reports that offer valuable commercial insight for nearly every aspect of a fashion business’ operations.

Stock Control Features

i.LEVEL Core is the only inventory management software needed to operate a modern clothing, footwear & accessory business. You can select between an in-house server based solution or a hosted cloud computing option. Specifically, i.LEVEL Core includes:

  • Sales & purchase orders
  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Pick & pack and dispatch
  • Invoicing with export to leading accountancy software
  • Multi-currency
  • Instant financial reporting - stock value, oversold, overbought, forward supply, in-stock, available to sell etc.
  • Sales list with images
  • Direct email for reorders in season
  • Quick stock set up: add style > key in 3 pieces of information > dropdowns (no typing). i.LEVEL has been created by people in the fashion industry, making it easy to learn and fast to use.

i.LEVEL Core stock control is fully scalable and once it is set up we are able to offer several modular packages that will further enhance fashion stock control operations.

For more information on our clothing stock control & inventory software, please call i.LEVEL now on
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