Custom Integrations

Salesperson enjoying i.level's integration with existing systems.

Many companies already have an existing web IT infrastructure in place. i.LEVEL is designed to work in harmony with these IT systems allowing seamless integration and transfer of data. i.LEVEL facilitates this by offering a web portal service that uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

SOAP is an industry standard protocol designed initially by Microsoft and allows for easy exchange of structured information and data in the implementation of web services between computer networks. The advantage of i.LEVEL’s fashion SOAP services is that they are versatile enough to allow for the use of different data transport protocols and at the same time use existing IT infrastructure.

Computer Integration Could Not Be More Straightforward

SOAP is an industry standard protocol and very flexible in the way that it exchanges data between different IT networks. i.LEVEL’s fashion SOAP services allow for full integration between various web infrastructures ensuring that information is passed seamlessly between them.

Since SOAP tunnels fine in the HTTP get/response model, it can tunnel easily over existing firewalls and proxies, without modifications to the SOAP protocol, again ensuring smooth interaction between various web infrastructure.

Web IT Systems In Perfect Harmony

i.LEVEL’s web portal fashion SOAP services ensure various web IT systems interact with each other smoothly and that data can be exchanged between them effortlessly. i.LEVEL’s fashion SOAP services therefore provide a complete, all-round wholesale and retailing IT solution.

Examples of custom integrations

Due to its successful growth and expansion, Yumi decided to use an outsourced, external warehouse facility. To accommodate this change, i.LEVEL built an automated integration with RedPrairie.

Hallett Logistics uses OBS so i.LEVEL built a fully automated integration with this leading warehouse management supplier.

Jewellery brand Troll Beads needed its i.LEVEL concession manager to integrate with its Danish parent company’s own IT system. i.LEVEL developed and built this integration.

CKM, a worldwide fashion producer and brand owner, needed a full integration with its worldwide HQ system. i.LEVEL accomplished this integration to the exact brief.

All the above integrations, together with the numerous bespoke export and import facilities, are perfect examples of how easy it is for a brand to use i.level and to adapt to changing circumstances moving forward.

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