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Retail Web Store
Retail Web Store

Having forged a partnership with Red-Fern i.level doesn’t just offer bespoke software for retailers and wholesalers. Red-Fern delivers creative, timely and economical website solutions that together with i.LEVEL’s integration package delivers the most efficient and creative functional web solutions for the fashion industry.

Our websites and web stores encompass every aspect of our clothing e-commerce experience – including garment categorisation & style codes; stock order levels & warehouse inventory; sales, invoices & statements; statistics & trends; consumer navigation, layout & design etc.

Retailers can simply choose what level of website sophistication they need for their clothing e-commerce requirements and let us do the rest.

How it works: If you are considering launching a fashion e-commerce or clothing e-commerce web store you need to consider the variety and scope of products you will be offering. The range of products for sale will impact the size and scale of the website and what level of sophistication is needed. i.LEVEL can advise on this and every other aspect of your website build.

The advantage of using i.LEVEL is that we are experts at back-end retail solutions. Indeed, the consumer facing navigation and design needs to be complemented by robust software solutions that operate as an effective back-office. This leaves you to get on with what you do best – fashion and jewellery e-commerce.

Our fully integrated websites and web stores can also be fully SEO (search engine optimisation) enabled which is a distinct advantage if you need long-term search engine visibility for your brand(s). We are also able to offer digital marketing to complete our package – ensuring any web store is launched successfully onto the market.

Furthermore, we offer full integration with websites such as Amazon, Debenhams web, HOF web, StylistPick, SimpleBe, LaRedoute, Coin web and other retail companion sites. This means that pictures, text, descriptions and tag lines can be used for all your clothing e-commerce websites and web stores, wherever they are hosted.

If you are looking to create bespoke websites or web stores for fashion, clothing & jewellery products, call ilevel on
+44 (0)1234 761 757