It is important to manage deliveries whether by van or a larger truck.

i.LEVEL’s Core distribution solution allows you to track clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, store to customer, website to home address. Using 1D (horizontal) and 2D (QR code) barcode technology, i.LEVEL’s solution is fully automated and integrated with every part of your i.LEVEL infrastructure giving you total control.

What’s more, i.LEVEL's clothing distribution solution provides full data integration with accounts packages ensuring that your fashion supply chain is commercially watertight and that all revenues are accounted for (wherever in the distribution chain your stock sits).

i.LEVEL's clothing distribution solution was designed by fashion wholesale experts so you can be assured that every aspect of the fashion supply chain has been considered and incorporated into the software package. Tested and refined over many years’ experience, our distribution solution is the only software package you need for a modern wholesale and retail business, be it online or offline.

The distribution solution also lets you select between an in-house server or a hosted cloud computing solution, giving you even more freedom to manage your distribution effectively. One key advantage of our cloud computing solution is that it allows different parts of your fashion business access to the same data whether in the UK, Far East or anywhere else in the world.

i.LEVEL’s Distribution Solution - Features

Managing clothing distribution and fashion supply chains is one of the most important aspects of a successful fashion business. i.LEVEL’s Core software provides the perfect integrated solution that allows a fashion business to manage every distribution channel and maintain total control over its fashion supply chain.

i.LEVEL’s clothing distribution solution covers every facet of retailing:

  • Wholesale
  • Concession
  • Epos
  • e-Commerce & Websites

Furthermore, the solution is fully scalable ensuring that no matter how fast you grow and whatever demands are placed on your retail business, i.LEVEL's clothing distribution solution is there to help you.

To effectively manage your distribution times and ensure smarter supply chain management for fashion & clothing, call i.LEVEL now on
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