i.LEVEL Mobile

Sales staff can have access to latest stock information when on the road using 'i.level on the go'.

Whether it’s in showrooms here or abroad, mobile fashion management demands flexibility and convenience. i.LEVEL has recognised this and devised a software solution perfectly suited to the needs of fashion agents and reps.

Called i.LEVEL Mobile, our solution is one of the cleverest mobile clothing systems available. Orders can be taken on the move with a laptop and uploaded directly to a central server using wi-fi. Alternatively, orders can be uploaded using a mobile phone without the need for wi-fi or internet access.

i.LEVEL’s mobile fashion management solution allows you to take an order anywhere and dispatch items the very same day. It also gives the agent up to date stock information, ensuring that orders are only taken for deliverable styles.

Finally, only the information you want your agent to see will be displayed on the laptop or mobile device ensuring commercial confidentiality.

If you would like to manage clothing on the go, please call
+44 (0)1234 761 757
Say goodbye to handwritten order pads by introducing laptop and mobile solutions!