Amazon: The new turbo sales channel?

i.LEVEL’s Amazon integration allows brands to use this channel with the smooth exchange of data between all parties. This facilitates smart merchandising, intelligent pricing and empowers brands to really take advantage of Amazon.

And what a channel it is. The ecomm giant accounts for more than a third of U.S. clothing, footwear and accessory sales on the internet, a share bigger than the next nine companies combined. Figures for the UK are opaquer but one thing’s certain – Amazon is now a huge, HUGE player in online fashion.

And the trend is only going in one direction.

Amazon has also been keen to roll out new features to help fashion brands, not least their heavily publicised Project Zero. This new scheme has granted brands selling on Amazon Marketplace the power to remove counterfeit and fake products from the Amazon website. In short, the company is investing time and budget into ensuring brands are no longer being devalued and misrepresented.

We’ve also noticed that new ecomm entrants are adding Amazon Pay to their own websites. According to Digiday, this enables quicker transactions, smoother shopping experiences, and builds trust with consumers – not least because the Amazon name provides a safe and reliable backdrop.

Reducing the number of abandoned transactions is another motivation for brands to add Amazon’s payment wallet. A card on file significantly increases the likelihood of a sale, especially for mobile shoppers, and it also gives access to an international customer base of millions.

Have you ever thought about adding Amazon Pay as an option for customers at checkout? With mobile shopping only set to continue to rise in popularity, it’s important a brand’s sales funnel ensures each customer ‘proceeds to checkout’.

i.LEVEL software is integrated with Amazon allowing your brand to trade seamlessly with Amazon’s platform and maintain full stock oversight, monitor product performance, and access sales reports quickly and efficiently. If you would like to hear more about our Amazon integration, or any other of our fashion software Apps and products, please call 01234 761 757 or email . We’d be delighted to hear from you.




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