What can we learn from H&M?

When we heard last month that Swedish fashion giant H&M was going to list its suppliers’ names on all garments in a bid to become more transparent (as part of its wider sustainability and CSR initiative), we thought it was a bold and powerful move by a retailer often under fire for ‘greenwashing’.

Orchestrating ‘complete transparency’ in the fashion industry, H&M customers will now be able to view, via the app, information such as factory names and addresses, manufacturing expertise, and how many workers are employed by each named factory.

This is a far cry from the ‘Made in’ label that once satisfied consumer appetites for where clothes were made, and H&M is clearly taking the lead and hoping others will follow suit. A spokesperson for the brand flagged that it’s the latest stage of making the fashion market sustainable, and it should lead to brands becoming more accountable (as well as being reassuring for customers too).

A win-win for all parties, it also provides the opportunity for brands to reassess the way they manage their relationships with suppliers.

This is the first time a global brand has publicly listed details of their supply chain – yet we know smaller companies often weave this into their DNA from the get-go as they strive for ethical and fair trading.

Just Trade, one of i.LEVEL’s fashion wholesale software clients, is a poster child for sustainability and CSR. You can view its ethos, products and sustainability practices in its short intro video here. A more inspiring jewellery and accessories brand it would be hard to find, and the company works in partnership with small Fair Trade projects in Ecuador, Peru, India & Vietnam, and believes in total transparency throughout the supply chain.

We assist Just Trade to manage its operations via our fashion wholesale software – this lets the brand manage each distribution channel and maintain total control over its entire fashion supply chain. And it works. In short, Just Trade remain in complete control of its brand and all its wholesale activities both online and High Street retail.

If you are looking to manage your fashion supply chain, distribution and sales channels more effectively, i.LEVEL could be the answer. Indeed, we now have 140 fashion brands using us across the UK. If you’d like to find out more about our fashion wholesale software give us a call on 01234 761 757 or email  – we’ll be pleased to tell you more…


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