Clothing Wholesale Software

i.LEVEL is the UK’s leading clothing wholesale software with over 135 UK fashion brands using our solution to manage their day-to-day operations.

We’re an off-the-shelf solution which means that we are able to pass on considerable cost savings than if we were a bespoke solution. It also ensures we can set you up quickly – within a matter of weeks – and get you trained and using i.LEVEL seamlessly.

At the heart of i.LEVEL is our clothing wholesale software and stock control solution. This empowers a brand to track clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, store to customer, website to home address. Our solution is the only software package you need for a modern wholesale and retail clothing business, be it online or offline.

We also have a single view dashboard which allows you to see charts of stock by location, supplier orders by status, and concession host summary, as well as total concession sales and customer and supplier orders for each month.

i.LEVEL give you a 360 degree overview of your stock, wherever it sits in the supply & distribution chain, and lets you adjust your merchandising accordingly. This helps increase performance and profit. It’s that straightforward.

We’re often asked by fashion brands how our clothing wholesale software differs from the various cloud stock control solutions offered by numerous Silicon Valley tech startups and others. Its simple – they are generic stock control systems that aren’t targeted at the fashion industry. Do they cover colours, sizes and styles? No. But we do.

In short, we are a pure-play fashion enterprise. Our founder, Leif Roenn, is a 40 year veteran of the fashion industry having helped manage a few of Europe’s most well known brands. We only work in fashion, accessories and jewellery. We understand the industry from top to bottom and know what brands need from their clothing wholesale software.

If you’d like to find out more, as well as discover our other bolt-on modules such as concessions, EPOS, barcode scanning, mobile order taking, finance integrations etc, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just email or call us on 01234 761 757.

Finally, if you’d like to see our roster of client brands, you can view them here. You’ll notice that we work with large brands of the size of Religion and Yumi, as well as numerous niche brands with only a handful of staff. In short, whether you are a large or small fashion brand, i.LEVEL can help you eliminate the nightmare of Excel spreadsheets and help you start managing your brand in a way you could only have dreamed of!




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