Do you know Depop app? If not, you should

As one of Europe’s leading fashion software platforms for brands (wholesale, stock control, concessions, scanning, EPOS etc), we are constantly looking ahead to the future and uncovering the latest fashion tech trends. And Depop is firmly on our radar as an app making serious inroads, with 13 million users at the last count.

Based in London, Milan and NYC, Depop is a mobile marketplace that enables individuals to buy and sell their items on iOS and Android platforms. And amongst teenagers, students and young adults, it’s huge. We asked a teenage sixth former to describe why it is the single most popular fashion platform at her Kent school:

“Depop is a site where people sell their clothes to anyone wanting to buy them. You can interact with anyone globally, and negotiate the prices between you. Depop has very low prices, because there are so many users, and you can find the same thing for a variety of different prices.

“In a way, it is a modern version of eBay. On Depop, you can see the profile of the person selling the clothes as well as read reviews from their previous buyers. Sellers can leave their transacted items on their profiles — creating a retail persona that, in time, amasses followers. Many of the clothes are one offs too, giving young people that sense of ‘uniqueness’ as they try to establish their own individual identities.”

Part of Depop’s appeal for the young (age 14 upwards) and style-conscious is that it provides freedom of self-presentation. As the Financial Times writes, ‘if Instagram allows for the idealised portrayal of oneself, Depop is its wardrobe and styling complement — sellers frequently photograph themselves in the goods they’re peddling.’

But here’s the thing. Depop isn’t just for individuals selling single items to other people. It’s a vibrant marketplace also allowing fashion brands to set up their own Depop shop. And brands are piling in such as Missguided and retailers like Topshop. Given it’s just raised $62M in VC funding for its next round of expansion, it’s also not going anywhere anytime soon.

On the contrary it could be the next big thing in fashion, as in BIG. In fact, it already is. It’s worth taking a look….

Finally, if you’re a brand looking at cutting edge fashion tech, notably with the management of your stock inventory across multi-channels, as well as wholesale, concessions, barcode scanning and tablet order takers for fashion agents, i.LEVEL could be your ideal tech partner. Established nearly twenty years ago, and focused exclusively on fashion, we have over 140 UK brands using us, from the very smallest to large international names. You can contact us here.




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