The ecommerce features that make consumers more likely to buy

Ecommerce brands take note: 87% of the UK population shopped online in 2019 and according to the latest analysis they spent close to £175 billion. What’s driving it? M-commerce (purchasing via mobile or tablet devices) and the sheer convenience of online shopping. Bottom line? Prospects couldn’t be better for online fashion brands.

Yet the UK Consumer Preferences Report, recently released by ecommerce platform Magento, shows there is still room for improvement to boost sales further.

We’ve teased out key highlights from their research that surveyed over 2,000 UK adults to find out; what do consumers want from today’s ecommerce retail market?

  • Free delivery and free returns are essential – free delivery carries with it commercial implications and isn’t viable beneath a certain price point, but free returns are a different matter – 19% of those surveyed say they will abandon their carts if free returns are not offered. Is this something you can build into your strategy?
  • They know what they want – UK shoppers rarely impulse buy and only 3% would be swayed by an influencer. Additionally, only 2% would purchase via Instagram shopping, with the younger demographic most likely. If people know what they want, getting your SEO strategy razor sharp is essential, notably for your keyword terms.
  • …and when they want it – 28% will unsubscribe from a mailing list that sent them irrelevant information or wrong product selections. Brands need to target their communications more than ever – personalisation is vital.
  • Payment gateway needs to be flawless – 51% of consumers avoid a retailer that doesn’t accept debit cards. Digital payments are not of huge interest, perhaps due to customers being concerned about data protection.
  • AI should enhance not replace the human touch – only 9% said they were likely to buy from a brand that had no opportunity to engage with human employees. However, AI and AR techniques that enrich the buyer’s experience (e.g. ASOS’ See My Fit) are driving better ecommerce results.

You can read the full report here.

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