Our eBay fashion integration

i.LEVEL’s eBay fashion integration is one of our lesser known add-ons. It’s quick to enable, and ensures that all transactions made through eBay can be managed and tracked through i.LEVEL’s stock control system.

It comes at a time when eBay has been performing well. The platform has just raised its Q2 earnings outlook on better-than-expected results during the COVID-19 pandemic. “All major verticals are accelerating significantly compared to previous quarters, including fashion”, eBay said in a statement.

Some fashion brands think that eBay is an auction site for second-hand goods. Yes, it is. But what many brands don’t know is that 80% of eBay purchases are of brand-new products.

As well as its main auction platform, eBay has more than 80 fashion labels in its Brand Outlet category in the UK, where brands sell directly through a ‘shop’ to consumers at a discount of their choosing. Many fashion brands are also attracted to the platform as it gives them the chance to move past-season stock.

Speaking to Drapers during the pandemic, Rob Hattrell, vice-president of eBay UK, said, “eBay has 27 million UK shoppers – more than half of the adult shopping population, and more than one per household”. It’s a big marketplace.

As Draper’s concludes, “eBay is a digital heavyweight that wants to nurture small businesses instead of taking them on at their own game – from refusing to rival its sellers to giving the high street a helping hand. It is quite content to be known for its bargain buys.”

If you would like your fashion brand to have a more potent presence on eBay, then i.LEVEL’s eBay fashion integration can help you achieve that!

Just contact us on 01234 761 757 or email to find out more. We can demo our solution online.


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