Fashion SVP Review

As the UK’s leading fashion inventory management solution we visit all the major British fashion trade shows. On that note, we’ve just returned from London’s Fashion SVP event and, having visited the event a number of times before, we couldn’t help but notice that the show has expanded. And then some. Clearly, if Brexit is dampening down the fashion trade between European nations, nobody has told the European exhibitors at the show!

This theme was picked up by Manuel Serrão, Director General of Selectiva Moda from Portugal who remarked at a busy seminar that Brexit was really an excuse to fill newspaper pages and column inches rather than having any discernible impact on day-to-day fashion professionals. He noted that the number of manufacturers exhibiting from Portugal was more than double that of a year before.

Footfall at the show was steady and whilst it could not be said to be crowded, neither did it appear empty. The seminars were also well attended, certainly the ones we visited, and the event programme was clearly well thought out. The exhibitors we talked to appeared content enough and the mood at the show was positive despite the geopolitical uncertainties facing the wider Western world.

On that note, we had to raise a smile when a senior representative from EIB, Izmir, Turkey was asked whether manufacturing in Turkey was a risk given the terrorism over there? With a wry smile she remarked that London was hardly a bastion of safety at the moment yet here she was sitting in front of us all! Her point was that manufacturing in Izmir was probably as safe as anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the most innovative stand was Healthy Seas, which boasted that with 75 volunteer divers and 650 fishing boats it had collected 152 tonnes of old fishing nets last year alone. These nets are regenerated into yarn and made into clothing such as luxurious socks. It’s a fantastic idea and as this article in National Geographic attests, one that is sorely needed to help sustain our seas. Brilliant! And the products were superb too.

So how does this event compare with Meet the Manufacturer in Shoreditch? We’d argue that Meet the Manufacturer is more of a niche event whilst Fashion SVP showcases a wider range of capabilities including fast fashion, full production, cut make trim (CMT), and much more. Meet the Manufacturer also focuses exclusively on UK fashion sourcing whilst Fashion SVP brings together manufacturers from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. They are two completely different shows.

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