Fashion tech speeds up: Are you prepared?

We’re constantly innovating at i.LEVEL and being ahead of the curve plays a vital part in ensuring that our fashion software solutions are perfectly adapted to the needs of a modern day fashion brand, both large and small.

Part of that involves us visiting industry events across the country and, recently, one of our colleagues attended Retail Week Live 2017. The question being asked was whether retailers were fit for the future?

The standout speaker for us was Shop Direct’s Alex Baldock who stated that in-app conversational interfaces will become hugely popular with UK consumers. He went so far as to say that by using artificial intelligence (AI), Shop Direct’s Very customers will (sooner rather than later) have their own unique personal assistant to carry them through the customer journey.

The AI chatbot will know their size, shape, colour preferences, style favourites even before they ask! And the more knowledge the chatbot acquires, the more refined and specialised the recommendations. The end result? Higher sales, by a magnitude of order.

The bot will also deal with queries, issues and returns questions – in fact anything related to either the product or service.

Very aren’t talking hot air either. Last year they launched UK retail’s first automated in-app conversational UI (User Interface) which can even talk to customers in their own language, to name but one feature. It already helps speed up customer service, saving the company money and improving the customer journey at the same time.

For fashion brands still unsure about AI technology and how good it already is, it might be worth looking into Google Home when it is released in the UK next week or Alexa from Amazon. We’re yet to hear of anyone who has tried either of these devices who hasn’t simply uttered the word, “Wow”.

However, as Tech Radar comments, “as it stands both are more novelty than pragmatic purchases” but that’s going to change in the future. Put it this way, we’ll be keeping a beady eye on its progress in fashion.

What is clear is that powerful technology is rapidly changing the face of both fashion and retail. Brands have to be nimble, fast-to-adapt as well as manage their stock effectively across an ever increasing array of channels. In fact stock control and the effective management of wholesale and retail inventory is probably more challenging than it’s ever been.

That’s why we place such importance on our fashion stock control solution and why we’re constantly innovating and developing it. Indeed, we’ll have an announcement next week with news of the latest feature to be released.

There’s a lot happening in fashion and it’s speeding up – if you’re interested in knowing more about our range of fashion software solutions and how they could help your fashion brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01234 761 757, email or DM us using our Twitter handle @ilevelSoftware.

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