Fashion Trends Forecasting: New Options Appear

Trend forecasting hit a dead end a while ago, with fashion brands collectively banging their heads against the same barriers. Those barriers – existing forecasting services – showed few-to-no signs of innovation. Moreover, they remained expensive and only affordable for established brands with finances to match. Not any longer.

Enter All Eyes, the latest disruptor in fashion trends forecasting. At a recent industry event off London’s Bond Street, we met with Lucas Shorvon, Co-Founder & COO of All Eyes to find out more…

Lucas, why do you feel that there is space for a new entrant like All Eyes?

Current services are powerful enough to steer the industry through dictation instead of actual forecasting. It seems they’re creating trends rather than predicting them. They retain customers through FOMO. The content is expensive, largely limited to the catwalk and, most importantly, generic, meaning a high street brand will receive the same content as a luxury brand.

For most, this is not good value for money, especially when you look at the (high) prices charged. In some cases, you see businesses create roles for the specific purpose of finding relevant insights amongst the noise. Yet another cost. We need not follow yet another outdated institution. 

We hear the same things from our clients over and over, all existing options are self-prophesying, they dictate, are limited to catwalk and due to FOMO, it’s difficult to not be reliant. And the results? Diminished creativity, a lack of choice, frustrated employees, lost customers and to top it all off, overflowing bargain bins. 

A seismic shift for fashion trends forecasting is on the horizon.

Can you tell us more about All Eyes?

All Eyes is the trend forecaster for the future. It’s mission is to democratise the current monopoly, to create tailored insights and to look at the consumer first and foremost – all at an affordable price. Insights from a leading retailer exposed the fact that 80% of their time spent forecasting trends is in fact done through social media, although 90% of the budget is used on catwalk forecasting – highlighting a lack of alternatives. Currently using social media is chaotic, with no services to help gather, organise and make sense of social content.

Brands are looking for new ways to understand the wants and needs of their customer and get an edge on their competitors. At All Eyes, we can create that competitive edge by arming brands with the tools to forecast and predict for themselves, with far less cost overhead.

How can people find out more?

To learn more about us and our fashion trends forecasting services, interested brands can get in touch with me by emailing 

Thank you.

As for us, if you’d like to know more about i.LEVEL and our complete range of cloud fashion software solutions – built exclusively for the fashion industry – simply email us at or call 01234 761 757. We’d be happy to demo our solutions either at your office or via Skype. Alternatively, we will be attending Pure London next month (21st-23rd July) and we’ll be pleased to meet you over coffee!


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