Good fashion stock control is vital

If there was just one thing we’ve learnt from our new customers in 2016, it’s that effective fashion stock control has become even more important.

The key reason for this is the proliferation of multi-sales channels particularly online. More than ever before, brands need to know what’s been sold, where and when. Failure to do so means that the same lines can often be discounted on some channels and sold out on others! Effective fashion inventory management is therefore crucial in today’s fast-paced fashion environment.

This is easier said than done.

Indeed, whilst selling across multi-sales channels is nothing new, many fashion brands are still too compartmentalised in their organisational structure. Selling becomes a scatter-gun approach with little coordination and merchandising control.

Our fashion software addresses this head on because i.LEVEL Core, our stock control solution, lies at the heart of all we do with all our other products and services built around it. Users can track stock by location, supplier orders by status, as well as live trading performance and much more besides. This empowers fashion brands to adjust their merchandising in real time and maximise profits across all their sales channels.

In 2016 we enhanced this further by adding our new dashboard which shows all the above in just one single glance. This works perfectly alongside our range of reports which include product sales by size and by style, or our ‘Gross Profit Per Store’ report which allows a brand to see at the click of a button what profit has been made at each of its individual retail concessions.

In short, our fashion reporting dashboard and in-depth reports give a fashion brand superb oversight of their sales and merchandising operations.

What’s more, although we are an off-the-shelf fashion stock control solution, we openly welcome calls to our technical support centre with questions about how our clients can create reports that suit their business structure. More often than not, these reports have already been developed but our clients don’t realise they are available.

In short, i.LEVEL is geared towards unifying a fashion brand’s selling strategy and maximising the potential from all its sales channels. If you’d like to find out more, please call us on 01234 761 757 or email – we’d be delighted to tell you more and demo our system either in person or via Skype.


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