Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish all our clients, colleagues and friends a wonderful 2017. Here’s hoping that it proves to be dynamic, fulfilling and just as importantly profitable!

The i.LEVEL team has had a rewarding Christmas period. Our Tech Support Team coped superbly and there were very few glitches – given it was peak trading time for many of i.LEVEL’s fashion clients we’re delighted with how our fashion software performed as well as the back-up support levels underpinning it.

As a team we also had a superb evening in London’s Piccadilly to celebrate the previous twelve months’ achievements. All our support office in Bedford joined us which made for a close knit, family-like gathering which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps not the next day’s hangover mind you, but you can’t have everything!

Reading the fashion trade press, it would appear that Christmas has been mixed although we were delighted to read that one of our key retail integration partners, John Lewis, saw pre-Christmas trading up a whopping 36% compared to last year.

Given that online shopping accounts for nearly a fifth of UK retail sales, it’s retailers like John Lewis that are really powering ahead. As we’ve written before, John Lewis is held up as perhaps the leading exponent of online retailing in the UK today. They really are that good.

As i.LEVEL looks forward to 2017 we have a number of integrations in the pipeline. The first of these is for a leading ecommerce company that develops computer software for online stores. You might be able to guess who that is, but we don’t want to give the game away until this new integration is tested in the field, bug-free and robust. This news is imminent and we’re hoping to release it within the next few weeks at the very latest. Watch this space!

Following that we have an integration on the horizon for a company that helps businesses integrate shipping from major carriers and removes all the technical complexities of logistics. Once again, watch this space.

Integrations aside, a lot of our attention in the first half of the year is focused on our fashion inventory software and our fashion retail concessions software. Last year we signed up 8 new wholesale customers and 25 concession customers and our goal is to improve on this over the course of the year.

Finally, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and we hope that 2017 turns out to be a superb trading year within the fashion industry.



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