Haruka clothing, unique and inspirational

We’d like to give a warm welcome to the latest apparel brand to use our fashion stock control software, Haruka. We’ve been working with Haruka for a while now, across a number of i.LEVEL modules (including EPOS as well as a bespoke ecommerce integration), and as we’ve got to know them we’ve been struck by the unique Glastonbury ‘feel’ their brand embodies.

It’s not just the high quality tailoring or quality natural fabrics, it’s the soft flow and natural look of the designs – perfectly summed up in their knitwear range here.  It’s all created out of the vision of Amanda Chambers who found inspiration for her brand from her travels in India and Nepal in 2002. She subsequently started designing clothes with her friend, Kamu, and the seeds of the Haruka label were sown.

Fast forward to today and Haruka clothing is a tight-knit team of passionate individuals (and associates) with Amanda, Sarah and Mel at the helm. Inspiration for the designs still originates from India and Nepal alongside a unique Glastonbury/Totnes aesthetic. Indeed, as we write, Amanda is over on the other side of the world looking for the latest creations, fabrics and looks to add to her collection for 2017. You can view Haruka’s current collections here or via their Facebook page.

What are we implementing for Haruka? We’ve now successfully installed our i.LEVEL fashion stock control software as well as our retail fashion EPOS system. It doesn’t stop there either – we’re also working on a bespoke ecommerce integration for the brand.

Our work with Haruka shows clearly how i.LEVEL Software is able to help a young, dynamic fashion brand bring their IT infrastructure up to a level that truly supports and empowers them. Whether it’s fashion stock control software, fashion EPOS system, an ecommerce integration, barcode scanners or order taking on the move (with our Tablet Order Taker), we have a multitude of solutions available – either off-the-shelf or, when needed, bespoke.

For aspiring fashion brands looking to take the next step up, i.LEVEL is the best fashion software available. Moreover, because our solutions are off-the-shelf, we’re able to price our solutions at a level that is affordable for upcoming fashion brands.

If you’re an aspiring designer or young fashion label, then we’d be pleased to show you how i.LEVEL can empower your brand with our range of fashion software solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01234 761 757 or email . We’d be delighted to tell you more.



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