i.LEVEL’s new, innovative Dashboard

We are excited to introduce our new Dashboard feature which shows the real-time, live performance of your fashion brand. We’re offering it to all our clients as a free trial under no obligation.

This is a big advance for i.LEVEL and a key marker in the ongoing improvement of our fashion software. It’s been in development for many, many months and has undergone rigorous testing at our development HQ in Bedford. The end result? A fantastic single-view Dashboard that lets our clients see at a glance how their business is performing.

For our existing clients, you will already have received a ‘Dashboard Reminder’ email which contains a direct link for your own brand’s Dashboard. Your log-in details are the same as the one you are using for your existing i.LEVEL system. If you haven’t received an email, please check your spam box or simply get in touch with us on 01234 761 758 and we’ll send you another email immediately.

The free Dashboard trial will run for two months, from now until the end of March. After the trial period is over, we will be charging a low monthly fee of £15 for a single brand, and £25 for both Concession and Wholesale brands. There is no limit on the number of users using the Dashboard within your company.

So what does the Dashboard do specifically? It allows you to see charts of Stock by Location, Supplier Orders by Status and Concession Host Summary in the main Dashboard screen, as well as Total Concession Sales and Customer and Supplier Orders this month.

Concession Top 10 Reports provides an overview of Product Sales by Category per month; Top 10 Store Sales; Product Sales by Size and by Style.

The power of the new Dashboard is that it not only allows you to see your real-time trading performance, it crucially also lets you adjust your merchandising accordingly. Rather than wait until next morning’s report, you can now adjust your stock immediately. This increases performance and profit. It’s that simple!

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to call our Support Desk on the number above. Alternatively, if you are a new fashion brand looking to install a new clothing stock inventory system or fashion concessions solution, then please contact our sales department on 01234 761 757 or email . As always, we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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