i.LEVEL’s Wholesale Management System for Fashion

We recently attended eCommerce Expo 2018 at London’s Olympia and came away inspired but also reaffirmed in our belief that i.LEVEL’s wholesale management system for fashion brands is still at the cutting edge of fashion technology.

What was clear was that whilst there are effective stock control and wholesale systems out there, very few are aimed solely at fashion brands. These competitor systems tend to be generic – they handle auto parts, culinary items, plumbing supplies, food items, etc. That doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. But what it does mean is that they aren’t aimed exclusively at fashion.

In short, do they offer the ability to select by sizes, colours and styles? Are they integrated with 35 stores groups and major ecommerce platforms like ASOS, Amazon or Zalando? Are they integrated with logistics companies like Red Prairie or Torque? Do they offer bolt-on modules such as warehouse barcode scanning or mobile order taker for sales agents?

i.LEVEL offers all the above and more.

Our most important point of difference is that we only work within fashion. That’s all we’ve ever done. And our solutions are aimed squarely at solving the operational and management challenges facing the fashion industry only.

That’s why over 140 fashion brands (incl. clothing, footwear, accessories and jewellery) from some of the largest brands (Religion, Yumi, etc) to the smallest (with just a handful of employees), use i.LEVEL to manage their brands across multi-channels (high street and web).

Our wholesale management system allows you to track clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, store to customer, website to home address. Using barcode technology, our solution is fully automated and integrated with every part of the i.LEVEL infrastructure giving you total control. Just as importantly, our integrations with accounts packages like Xero and Sage ensure that your fashion supply chain is commercially watertight and that all revenues are accounted for.

Furthermore, our tech support team in Bedford is on hand Mon-Fri to assist you. We pride ourselves on resolving issues quickly, with speedy ticket times and quick resolutions wherever possible. We’re also available on the phone meaning that there is always a friendly and helpful voice at the other end of the line.

Our support team are tight-knit and very experienced. Furthermore, they sit on the same floor as the development team, allowing for a quick exchange of feedback. This means that any bugs or fixes can be implemented rapidly.

All in all, we feel that our wholesale management system is the best fashion solution available in the UK. It’s state-of-the-art, very cost effective, and comes with a range of bolt-on modules to suit many types of operational challenges. If you’d like to know more, please contact us on  or call 01234 761 757. We’d love to hear from you.








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