Innovation and adaptability rule

The last few months have been challenging for everyone in fashion, and then some, but what we have clearly seen is that Covid-19 has accelerated processes which were already in motion.

Some High Street retailers have gone bankrupt, which we are sad to see, but even before Covid-19, many of them were asking for business rent reductions as their business models failed.

Fast forward to September 2020 and it’s clear that many of the fashion brands thriving at this point in time have a few things in common: aside from great lines, they are innovative and adaptable. They’re pivoting quickly to new business models, casting off outdated and unworkable practices, and moving fast.

One of our favourite pivots is that by German outdoor retailer Globetrotter. The brand has opened a second-hand resale space at its Frankfurt store with a selection of returned and pre-loved items from various brands. All items come with tags providing details about the product’s origin, age and history of repairs. The result? A more sustainable approach, and a new small revenue line.

We also liked M&S drive-through collection for fashion which is a new click & collect solution that it’s trialling with Doddle. M&S have launched two new trials for click & collect — in-store contactless collection (at Hempstead Valley, Camberley & Longbridge) and drive-up collection (at Camberley).

The advantage is that the new drive-up collection eliminates two potential queues (to enter the shop and at the click & collect desk), and also makes customers feel safer at this time.

There are numerous other examples, but they all have one thing in common – swift thinking, rapid action and innovative adaptation. These are all qualities we like to think i.LEVEL possesses and over the coming months we will be launching a new initiative or two that we feel sure will help fashion brands expand the revenue opportunities available to them.

All our efforts are being channelled into serving the 130 clothing, jewellery and accessory brands that use our platform – they deserve nothing less.

If you’d like to find out more about our portfolio of fashion solutions including stock control, wholesale, B2B and much more….contact us on or 01234 761 757. We’re working as normal and can demo our solution in person or online.

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