Lara Heems is our latest jewellery concessions brand

We’d like to welcome the latest jewellery concessions brand to sign up with i.LEVEL – Lara Heems, the affordable jewellery brand focusing on every day, every occasion ‘wearability’.

Lara Heems will be using i.LEVEL for its concessions in House of Fraser retail stores across the UK.

We are integrated with House of Fraser’s IT system which allows any brand trading with House of Fraser concessions to seamlessly exchange sales data and trade with the store group. It’s simply a question of activating our integration, training the brand in person, and assisting them with tech support whenever it’s needed Mon-Fri.

We pride ourselves on training a concessions brand in person at their offices. This allows us to get to know them at close proximity, and also develop a close working relationship moving forwards. Our trainers usually work in tech support so often it will be the same voice at the end of the phone that originally visited the brand. In short, we pride ourselves on helping our client brands in person.

If you are a jewellery brand looking to trade in concessions, i.LEVEL has a vast range of integrations that empower brands to trade across both high street retail and web. These include store groups such as Topman, Debenhams, John Lewis, M&Co and many more besides. It also includes ecomm platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, La Redoute and ASOS….

In short, for jewellery brands looking to expand their range of sales channels, i.LEVEL is the perfect cloud-based software solution. Not only does it allow you to trade across multi-channels, it also gives you a full 360 degree overview of where your stock sits and where it needs to be allocated. We call it ‘smart merchandising’.

All that remains is to wish Lara Heems the very best with its House of Fraser concessions. The brand is a trailblazer in the jewellery world – don’t take our word for it, check out its outstanding website – and the London-based brand is on a tear, expanding across several countries including Saudi Arabia, Greece and many others.

If you’d like to know more about i.LEVEL, don’t hesitate to contact us at  or phone us on 01234 761 757. 


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