Latest i.LEVEL Improvements Newsletter

We’re delighted to announce the latest in our series of upgrades and modifications. They have all been developed by i.LEVEL’s tech team in Bedford who work tirelessly to improve our fashion solutions all year round. Our Version 5617 & 5618 changes are below.


  • ASOS Module completed
  1. You can now auto setup customer orders in i.LEVEL by importing Excel sheets received from ASOS which will add ASOS PO, Style and Sku numbers.
  2. If using initial bulk order then use “Import to Split orders” where PO, Style and Sku refs are received.
  3. Simply right click an order to add MDA before Dispatch.
  4. You can default your ASOS Supplier Ref so it appears on the invoice.
  5. Printing of ASOS specific packing list.
  6. Printing of ASOS specific box end labels.
  • Season added to concession exports

When sending to Excel from Product Analysis, “Season” is now included.

  • Concession > Prices changes

You can now change the price by size in concession.

  • Country Code

You now select the country name and the country code will automatically be entered.

  • Creating Stock with images

An image can now be attached when setting up new stock items.

  • Supplier Orders Custom Status

A custom status has been added to suppliers, so you can now set a bespoke order of critical path for each supplier to ensure approval of various samples (or other stages) that the order must pass through.

Ask i.LEVEL Support to have it enabled and then to create it go to >Supplier >Edit >Special Processes to set them up.


  • Web Orders – “Confirm Deliveries” Warning

To avoid unintentionally setting an order to “Done” status, a warning has now been put in place. This comes after clicking the “Confirm Deliveries” option, but before the “Done” status is applied to the order. It allows you to cancel the entire process and prevents the order status from permanently changing.

  • Payment Information Format

>Preferences >Invoices >Payment information. A font error has been corrected so it is now displaying correctly.

  • Stock Import

Sku size and Foreign stock code are no longer mandatory when importing stock into i.LEVEL.

  • Business Name missing from Big Commerce Orders

If the ‘Business Name’ is present on orders it is now picked up by i.LEVEL, and printed on the delivery note or in the case of an integration it is passed on to the distribution centre as well.

  • Stock > i.LEVEL Reports > Stock Reports

Hide quantities, ‘if more than’ option selected, now correctly replaces Units value in printed reports section.

  • Customer Order

Print/export Sku list now works correctly on all orders.

  • Returns

It is no longer possible to enter negative values into the new returns section.

  • Editing Season on styles

When changing the season on a style with multiple colours, the name and colour will now be logged correctly.

If you’d like to know more, please contact i.LEVEL Support on 01234 761 758. We’ll be only too glad to help.



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