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Late last year we ran a blog post looking at all the solutions we’d developed and launched throughout 2019 (for example, our SilkFred integration, B2B Wholesale Webstore, Bergen Logistics Integration, etc).

We’ve since been asked what were our biggest sellers and most sought after solutions last year – it’s a good question, so listed below are a few of those solutions that were some of our most popular add-ons and Apps in 2019!

1. Mobile App for sales agents

This solution empowers your sales agents to take orders at expos, showrooms or out on the road using state-of-the-art tech for tablet and laptops. Fully synced with your Head Office and i.LEVEL system, it ensures sales agents know current stock levels and what’s available in real time. The Mobile App also tracks deliveries, cancellations and delays, so agents know what’s happening when and where. Find out more here…

2. Warehouse Scanning

Our Warehouse Scanning solution is designed specifically for warehouse stock management. The barcode scanner allows warehouse staff to pick, pack and dispatch quicker and far more accurately across multi sales channels. The scanner also communicates wirelessly with your i.LEVEL system, allowing the instant download of data (facilitating rapid stock takes and booking in of stock). Find out more here…

3. Supplier Portal

Did you know that you can send orders direct to your supplier factories through i.LEVEL? Just Right Click an Order > Send to Portal, and instantly all the required information will be with your supplier. Better still, all orders are tracked with automated progress updates, right the way through to packing lists and shipping information. To learn more about this, just call us on 01234 761 758 or simply email .

4. Distribution Portal

Launched last year, our Distribution Portal makes it easy to control distribution abroad: just push orders to the portal from where the distribution company can pick, pack and dispatch. The new distribution portal doesn’t need an integration and can be implemented almost immediately for existing and future i.LEVEL users. Importantly, it allows UK fashion brands the opportunity to trade seamlessly with the U.S. Find out more here…

If you’d like to know more about any of the above, or indeed any of our other solutions, please get in touch with us on 01234 761 757 or send an email to the following address >  – we’d be happy to tell you more or demo the solutions either in person or via screenshare.


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