London Edge Review Summer 2019

London Edge is one of our favourite fashion trade shows. Its eclectic mix of edgy street fashion, vintage retro, mixed with punk and goth make it a true spectacle.

Better still, unlike many other trade shows, there is a very strong community feel around the fashion genres on display – reflecting a lifestyle based on youth culture, attitude, music and art – and this is seen in the quality of the apparel on display and the attention to detail in every garment.

The show also provides a platform for fledgling and young designers to show their apparel alongside established brands. This one fact alone keeps London Edge innovative and always ‘on trend’.

At this week’s show we talked to a few of our client brands as well as a number of other brands we’ve got to know over the years. We also talked to a few of the buyers and visitors. The top takeaways overall?

  • London Edge remains the top trade show for vintage, goth and punk. The fashion always surprises, amuses and inspires. Boring it isn’t.
  • The footfall was slow, not helped by a warm late summer’s weekend and a balmy Monday in London.
  • Buyers were present but one exhibitor remarked that trade shows all over London were suffering from the same problem – buyers are sourcing a lot of their collections online. In fact, the draw of attending a fashion trade show is nowhere near as strong as it used to be for many buyers. Don’t forget you also have to factor in transport, accommodation and sustenance expenses for many visitors. Ditto many of the exhibitors.
  • It comes at a time when retail is going more and more online, and the online fashion retailers simply aren’t attending fashion shows – instead, many of the brands are coming direct to them.
  • Like most trade shows, some brands were performing strongly, whilst others felt that the visitor numbers and orders were sluggish.
  • The fashion styles and creativity remain strong. With consumers’ personal styles becoming less predictable and more of an individual statement, the event is as relevant as ever, if not more so.

Overall, the show was fair, if not a little slow, and we remain of the view that whilst the vintage dresses work well in the late summer, the vast legions of heavy leather and rubber wear work better on a dark, cold February day!

Finally, it was good to see some of our user brands at the show, such as Daisy Street and One Direction, and others…it was great to catch up with them. If you missed us but would like to know more about the fashion operations software solutions that we offer, simply contact us here.






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