It’s not fashion software if….

We are often challenged as to why there are lower priced stock control solutions available online.

It’s a good question and here’s the answer:

  • Stock control solutions are two-a-penny. There’s more start-up stock control solutions than high heels at Ascot.
  • These stock control solutions are not industry specific, hence they are useless for fashion.

Basically, if it’s not fashion it’s not i.LEVEL!

What sets a fashion stock control solution like ours apart? The ability to select by:

☑ Style

☑ Colour

☑ Size

We developed our fashion stock control solution for use only within the fashion industry – by that we mean clothing, shoes and accessories. As fashion professionals ourselves (since the 1970’s) we know how important fashion stock control is, and just as importantly what features are needed to make it effective.

That’s why i.LEVEL comes with the capability to select by style, colour and size.

It’s also the reason major fashion brands like Religion, Yumi, Ariella and 120 other fashion brands have chosen us exclusively for their stock control solution. As well as emerging brands like Just Trade and Clover Lewis Swimwear. It works for fashion brands both big and small.

And we don’t just offer stock control. We view ourselves as a brand’s true ‘partner in fashion’, oh and of course we cover all fashion sales channels:

  • Retail Ecommerce
  • Retail Concession & EPOS
  • Wholesale

So if you’re in the middle of selecting a stock control solution (or perhaps you should be because Excel is killing you or your old system doesn’t allow for omni-channel sales), then remember that if it doesn’t contain ‘styles, colours and sizes’ it won’t be fit for purpose.

You simply have to be able to select by colours, styles & sizes. Otherwise it will seriously hinder your ability to merchandise and manage your brand properly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist your fashion brand forge a powerful path in the fashion industry through effective stock control and smart back-end merchandising, contact us at or call 01234 761 757. We’d be only too pleased to demo our solutions either in person or via online demo.





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