Omnichannel fashion is vital for brands

The headline says it all“UK’s May retail sees partial rebound, e-sales rise keeps fashion ticking over”. Those fashion brands that prospered during the 15 weeks of lockdown have one thing in common – they used omnichannel fashion sales.

These channels include, but aren’t limited to: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, online concessions, Zalando, ASOS, La Redoute, B2B wholesale, pure play ecommerce, and more. Fashion is powering ahead online, and brands are harnessing it to great effect.

Evidence? It’s everywhere.

Take eBay. During the pandemic, eBay saw gross merchandise volume soar 23% with all ‘major verticals accelerating significantly, including fashion’. 80% of these purchases were brand new products.

Take Amazon. The second largest company in the U.S. saw 26% growth compared to the same period in 2019.

Take ASOS. Year-on-sales in April increased 421 percent for sweaters, 119 percent for women’s hoodies and 166 percent for sweatshirts.

Take Shopify. By mid-April, Shopify was experiencing, “Black Friday level traffic every day” according to its Chief Technology Officer. Revenue grew 47% year over year.

Take Zalando. Europe’s biggest online-only fashion retailer has seen revenue growth of 16% and also saw its shares hit a record high. The company added 39% more customers.

The list goes on…..

In short, if you are a fashion brand looking to survive and prosper in 2020 and beyond, the faster you transition to an omnichannel fashion sales model, the brighter the prospects.

Can i.LEVEL help? Yes. Our solution empowers you to sell across multiple channels but also keep tight management of your stock. If one item is selling out on eBay, but you have excess stock of the same item elsewhere, our system lets you spot it, easily. This allows you to smartly merchandise across all your channels, and importantly, boost profits.

Over the past ten years, i.LEVEL has also developed a series of integrations and plug-in modules that make it quick and easy to maximise your brand’s ecomm potential.

If you would like to expand YOUR BRAND’S reach, call us now on 01234 761 757 or email info@ilevelsoftware



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