Pinning hopes on ecommerce

Pinterest has just announced that it will ‘make every pin shoppable’ with a host of new functionality for advertisers. The benefits for fashion brands? You can now use Pinterest to showcase your lines and sell via the same page.

The social media platform, which is popular in the UK, has 400M users worldwide but has been overshadowed by Instagram (especially within fashion). That is all set to change, or least be challenged, by Pinterest’s latest move which includes:

  • A new ecommerce functionality that enables consumers to make purchases within a home or fashion pin (directly from a shop tab).
  • Shopify retailers will get improved ad conversion insights to better gauge the performance of their Pinterest content.
  • Brands can keep tabs on how audiences traverse the purchase path, from page visits to adding items to cart and, ultimately, the point of purchase.
  • Permitting ads in more locations.
  • Lens camera visual search to allow ads within shoppable pins.

The result? Fashion brands both big and small can now use Pinterest as a viable shopping platform to drive sales. As Pinterest itself says in a company blog post, “We’re building a place to browse and shop online, not just a place to buy.”

It’s a good time for fashion brands to take a fresh look at Pinterest – at a time of increased lockdown, circuit-breakers and restrictions, the platform has stood out as a destination for online inspiration. In the UK, searches are up 55% year-on-year and the number of boards is up by 52% over the same period.

Given the current ongoing pandemic, which doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon, the traffic to Pinterest is only set to increase, and so is the volume of sales it generates.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get onboard.

If you are a fashion brand looking at expanding your ecommerce potential, it’s also time to look at i.LEVEL. We have developed a series of integrations and modules that make it quick and easy to maximise your brand’s ecomm potential across a wide range of digital channels – you can view them here.

i.LEVEL, as a single-view stock control system, also gives a complete overview of all your sales channels. It allows you to track clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, store to customer, website to home address. In short, everything you need to manage your fashion brand in an omnichannel environment.

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