Pure London SS20 Show Review

We’re back from Pure London SS20 and once again it was great to see so many of our colleagues, friends and fashion brand clients – including Religion, Nova, Urban Bliss, Blue Vanilla and many more….the show is always a calendar highlight for us and a must-attend.

So, what did we learn from this summer’s Pure? Here’s what we discovered:

· On the centre stage, trends forecasting company Unique Style Platform gave a presentation looking at the consumer attitudes and cultural trends that will drive fashion over the next 12 months or more. The big styles to look out for: Rebellious, Boho, fun & free, flowing mystical, all put together stylishly with feminine touches and hand crafted finishes.

· The above styles are a reflection of consumers increasingly looking for meaning, wellness, ritual, spirituality, and community. The attention on sustainability and eco-fashion is also a reflection of this desire.

· Experiential and meaningful retail…..retail is evolving and shoppers now want to shop in a store that offers them a lifestyle experience – it might be selling books, home wear, crafts, artisan coffee as well as fashion. It’s about feeling good inside, not just mindless consumerism.

· With Brexit drawing nearer, we’re seeing more of our client brands reaching out to U.S. shores. This trend was reflected at Pure with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce having a notable presence. The UK’s DTI also visited many stands at the show to talk about the help and support they can offer to fashion brands wishing to export abroad.

· Depop is becoming massive. 13M users and a recent Series C investment round totalling $62M says it all. Expect brand spaces on the platform to be a key part of their next phase, although currently there is no third party API for integrations.

· And, finally, the SS20 season’s big colour: Peach.

Overall, we enjoyed the show but we couldn’t help noticing it was quieter than normal. Of course, summer season is always quieter but we had a suspicion that with school summer holidays breaking up over the weekend, lots of buyers were AWOL. A few brands confirmed this to us.

As for order volume, a number of exhibitors reported strong orders whilst some had, quote, ‘written off the show’. As is typical, it was a mixed bag depending on the brand in question.

If you missed us at the show but would like to learn more about our fashion stock control software (as well as our related modules including wholesale, concessions, integrations with Shopify & Xero, etc) please get in touch!



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