Soul Analyse, our latest jewellery concessions brand

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the latest brand to use our jewellery store concessions software – Soul Analyse. The brand will be using i.LEVEL for its concessions in House of Fraser (high street retail). The concessions have been arranged and organised through Hallett Retail, the UK’s leading concession retailer.

Our jewellery store concessions software works like this: We are integrated with House of Fraser (HoF) and we connect Soul Analyse, HoF and Hallett in one seamless solution. When a customer buys an item, our app captures the barcode together with all other sales that day. During the night, i.LEVEL’s Cloud Processor distributes the sales data to Soul Analyse and also to Hallett Retail Services

Data transfer between all parties is fast, quick and most importantly, secure. It comes with a full suite of reports that lets Soul Analyse know each store’s performance and how much stock is left. Why is all this important? It allows Soul Analyse and HoF to re-stock smartly and profitably, and maximise sales with each square feet of retail space.

That’s why we’re the UK’s leading jewellery retail concessions software with over 70 apparel brands and 40 jewellery brands using our solution.

As for Soul Analyse, we are pleased to be working for such a progressive jewellery brand. Based in Brighton, Soul Analyse is a “self-help organisation” that has been “working tirelessly to shut down society’s outdated box”. In short, “it’s time to start celebrating what makes us different. It’s time to start loving all of the things that separate us as individuals, while connecting with the things we share!”

It’s all about personal acceptance and the celebration of our unique qualities. And what better way to do it than with jewellery?! Soul Analyse specialise in bracelets, necklaces and clothing, with affirmations embedded into their ranges – to inspire, encourage, motivate and remind people how special they are as individuals.

We are proud to be working with both Hallett Retail and Soul Analyse, and we hope Soul Analyse’s life affirming jewellery performs strongly at HoF over the coming months. We wish them well.

If you’d like to know more about i.LEVEL and our suite of jewellery software solutions, contact us on 01234 761 757 or simply email us at the following address: .


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