Sunshine Soul, the latest brand to use our fashion concessions system

We’d like to welcome the latest brand to use our fashion concessions system, Sunshine Soul. This forward-thinking fashion brand is based in the city of Cardiff and specialises in chic womenswear designed for fashion-conscious women.

Sunshine Soul has a strong presence in concessions, and has already achieved considerable success in Next and its brand portal Lipsy. It’s now taking its concessions one step further via Hallett Retail, Europe’s largest concessions retailer. Via its tie-up with Hallett, Sunshine Soul has now entered concessions within Debenhams High Street retail (20 stores) and Debenhams online.

We are integrated with Debenhams which lets brands trade with the group with ease both online and High Street retail. When Sunshine Souls’ stock is transferred to Debenhams, our fashion concession system automatically ensures that the barcode, clothing style and price are registered on the store’s checkout tills the following day.

After the close of trade each day, daily sales from all participating concessions are automatically transmitted to i.LEVEL during the night. At the opening of trade the following morning, Sunshine Soul can view precisely what was sold the previous day and re-stock smartly and swiftly.

BTW, our fashion concessions system is fully automated, 365 days a year, with no ongoing user action needed.

i.LEVEL is integrated with dozens of other retail groups, both online and High Street Retail. These include Burton Menswear, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Outfit, Topman and Topshop and many more besides. If you are an independent fashion brand trading with any of these retailers, get in touch! Our software will allow you to trade with them cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our fashion concessions system is constantly being updated by our software team based in Bedford. They are located in the same office as our tech support team who are on hand to resolve client queries five days a week, 9-5.30pm. Ticket times and resolutions are typically within a few hours.

Finally, if you would like to know more about our fashion concessions system, especially our most recent integrations with platforms like BigCommerce, Tradebyte (allowing you to trade across Zalando’s channels), etc, then please contact us on 01234 761 757 or email . We’d be delighted to hear from you.



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