UK faces clothes shortages?

No, this isn’t clickbait. According to the Guardian, the UK could face shortages of sports shoes, track pants and stretchy leggings as brands and suppliers struggle to keep up with a pandemic-related surge in demand.

It comes at a time when some brands are even launching ‘sickwear’ lines that take casual and lounge wear into something a little more permanent and 24/7. Mucinex, a flu and cold brand, has just launched Sickwear, a new apparel line created on the concept that ‘looking good helps people feel better’. You’d assume so!

But it brings us back to this key fact: at a time of an exponential growth in multi-sales channels (or, as some write, omnichannels), it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to keep track of their stock. In some sales channels, the stock might be slow selling, whilst in others, it might be flying off the virtual checkouts.

As one retailer told the Guardian, “There was an immediate panic between February and April as brands pulled production. People were talking as if no-one was going to buy but my website was up 200%. Now I’ve got no stock.”

Demand for leisure and casual wear has hit an all-time high. Yet apparel stock control is not keeping pace.

But there is a solution.

As fashion professionals and brand owners ourselves, we created i.LEVEL because we needed a system that allowed us to see, in a single dashboard view, what was selling and where. This allowed us to allocate all our apparel lines smartly with a few clicks of a button and to rapidly replenish stock. We called it then, and still do now, smart merchandising.

The apparel stock control system we developed has since been tried, tested and used by many of the UK’s most loved fashion brands – AX Paris, Yumi, Religion, Roman Originals, and others – and is now used by over 100 brands across the UK and Ireland.

Unlike most stock control systems, our solution is built exclusively for the fashion industry. Fully scalable, it allows you to allocate stock by size, colour and styles. Just as importantly, it also provides full data integration with Xero (and an export to Sage) ensuring that all revenues are accounted for.

i.LEVEL is the complete apparel stock control solution.

If you’d like to know more, just call us on 01234 761 757 or email info AT and we’ll happily arrange a Microsoft Teams hangout.


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