UKFT Guide to Digital Wholesale

The UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) has just launched its new UKFT guide to digital wholesale that aims to help fashion brands prepare to wholesale online. The Guide also offers advice on how to make the most of the opportunities offered by virtual tradeshows and selling digitally to overseas buyers.

It’s an idea whose time has arrived – wholesale has become a huge part of many fashion brands multi-channel mix and those that are doing it well online are prospering even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UKFT Guide covers:

  • Getting ready: things to consider when preparing to wholesale online
  • Tips on making the most of your photography, copy and supporting material
  • Marketing including social media, communicating with buyers and sustaining a campaign throughout the duration of a digital wholesale event or season
  • Selling the collection including making appointments, setting up the showroom and order taking

The guide covers digital wholesale opportunities via three main categories: online sales platforms, digital exhibitions or events, and online showrooms. You can find out more about the UKFT Guide to Digital Wholesale here.

When it comes to fashion wholesale online, i.LEVEL has also developed a wide range of solutions to help fashion brands

Late last year we launched our B2B wholesale webstore which lets fashion brands showcase current and future lines within a secure user and password protected environment. Retailers can then view and select the lines they want with all orders placed immediately into a brand’s own stock system for rapid dispatch. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated B2B solution for UK fashion brands wishing to trade wholesale online. Call us for an online or in-person demo!

We also offer a wholesale app that gives you total control over your fashion supply chain. Whether you are selling by packs or free sizes, one single order input creates all the necessary documents from confirmation through to final invoice. It also provides full data integration with Xero (and an export to Sage) ensuring that all revenues are accounted for, wherever in the distribution chain your stock sits. In short, you remain in complete control of your brand and all its wholesale activities both online and High Street retail.

Finally, we have i.LEVEL Mobile which lets your sales reps take orders on the go (using a laptop or tablet) with orders uploaded straight to HQ. Better still, the rep knows exactly what’s in stock in real-time with colour product images further helping the sales process.

If you’d like to know more about how i.LEVEL’s software solutions can help your business with fashion wholesale, get in touch!





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