Urban Mist – our latest concessions client

We’d like to give a warm welcome to the latest brand to use our fashion concessions software, Urban Mist. The brand will be using our solution for its concessions in Debenhams, both High Street retail and Debenhams web.

Our concessions software is the UK’s leading fashion concessions solution. It is integrated with over 40 store groups, ecomm platforms and logistics suppliers. This means that any brand using i.LEVEL can trade with these companies quickly and seamlessly. You can view some of our integrations here.

The breadth and scope of our integrations is a key reason why so many fashion brands use our concessions solution. It’s also a chief reason why Hallett Retail selected i.LEVEL – back in the 2000’s we might add – to be the only software to underpin their concessions group. In short, if you are trading in concessions with third party hosts, contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Incidentally, many fashion brands select additional i.LEVEL modules to work alongside our concessions solution – indeed, we offer numerous bolt-ons including our warehouse barcode scanner, mobile order taker for sales agents, Xero & Sage financial package integrations, EPOS, and much more besides.

That’s why i.LEVEL is the perfect stock control, wholesale and UK concessions solution for fashion brands. It’s what we’ve done for almost twenty years. And over that time, we haven’t followed technological developments in fashion, we’ve led them. If you’d like to know more, simply get in touch at or call 01234 761 757.

All that remains is to welcome Urban Mist to i.LEVEL. Originating from London, with headquarters in Manchester, the brand is inspired by New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo fashion and is fast becoming one of the favourite brands for glamorous urban women.

We’d like to wish Urban Mist all the best with their UK concessions in Debenhams.





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