Wholesale Management Software

i.LEVEL’s wholesale management software for the fashion industry is a state of the art cloud-based solution that lets a fashion brand track its clothing and accessories from factory to warehouse, warehouse to customer, website to home address, etc.

Our solution ensures a brand has a 360 degree overview of its stock, wherever it sits in the supply and distribution chain. It also means that a brand’s operations are commercially watertight and that all revenues are accounted for (wherever in the distribution chain its stock sits).

Our wholesale management software is used by over 130 fashion brands across the UK and Ireland, and has been tried and tested over nearly two decades. During that time we’ve constantly developed, upgraded and improved our software across every area.

Indeed, we have added numerous bolt-on modules that a fashion brand can select if needed – these include concessions (online and High Street retail), barcode scanning (warehouse and retail), EPOS, mobile order taker (for fashion agents), as well as finance package integrations (Xero and Sage), and much more besides.

In addition, we are now integrated with over 35 stores groups and ecommerce platforms, as well as a number of logistics and distribution specialists. This ensures that a fashion brand can manage its stock seamlessly and smartly across numerous multi-channels, online and offline.

But what makes our software unique is that is has been developed exclusively for the fashion industry. We’re fashion insiders ourselves and, having previously managed our own brands, we have an indepth knowledge of what a fashion brand needs to manage its stock. That’s why our software allows brands to select by colour, style and size.

Moreover, we work for brands both large and small. One of our brands started in Camden Market and is now a multinational fashion empire – and we’ve been with them all the way! Whether your brand has just a handful of employees working from a small studio in Hackney or if it’s grown to the size of Religion, Yumi, AX Paris, etc, then i.LEVEL is the perfect solution. You can view some of our client brands here.

So if you’re looking for wholesale management software for your fashion brand, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo and a quote. We can travel to your office in person or demo our system online via Skype – and when you do meet us, you’ll be talking to fellow fashion professionals who’ve managed brands themselves and understand your industry inside out.

For further information, please contact us at  or call 01234 761 757. We look forward to hearing from you.

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