Concession App

Concession App

Trade Easily with Major Retailers and eComm Platforms


i.LEVEL’s concession manager app lets you trade seamlessly with over 40 High Street retailers as well as pure-play ecommerce platforms like Amazon, ASOS, Zalando, and others.

Available standalone or as a bolt-on App to our wholesale solution, it allows for the quick and accurate transfer of data between your fashion brand and the retail host – regardless of whether you’re using dropship or the retail host’s own warehouse.

When stock is transferred to a retail store or website, our concession manager app automatically ensures that the barcode, clothing style and price are registered on the retail store’s checkouts and online baskets.

Daily sales from all participating concessions are transmitted to i.LEVEL each night, allowing you to see precisely what has been sold when you open for business the next day.

Data available at the click of a button includes: Total Sales, Total Sales by Store, Style Guide, Store Guide, Product Analysis, and Store Sale Analysis.

With quick set-up and on-site training as standard, i.LEVEL offers you everything you need to trade in concessions – both online and High Street retail.

Concession Store Controller

Our Concession Store Controller is solely focused on maximising your sales per square feet. It is ideal for store or area managers who want immediate access to each concession’s sales performance.

It lets you stock-take with immediate information upload to HQ as well as fine tune replenishment, return non-sellers and request more of your fast selling lines.

In short, it lets you boost sales performance and get even more out of your concessions.