Wholesale App

Wholesale App

Manage, Track and Record your Wholesale Stock Everywhere


Our wholesale solution lets you manage every distribution channel and maintain total control over your fashion supply chain.

Whether you are selling by packs or free sizes, one single order input creates all the necessary documents from confirmation through to final invoice. It also provides full data integration with Xero (and an export to Sage) ensuring that all revenues are accounted for, wherever in the distribution chain your stock sits.

In short, you remain in complete control of your brand and all its wholesale activities both online and High Street retail.

i.LEVEL wholesale also comes with - as an option - two outstanding solutions that further help wholesale operations:

i.LEVEL Mobile

Our tablet or laptop solution lets your sales reps take orders on the go – showroom, exhibitions, trade shows - with orders uploaded straight to HQ. Better still, the rep knows exactly what’s in stock in real-time with colour product images further helping the sales process.

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B2B website

i.LEVEL’s B2B wholesale webstore is a fully integrated platform that lets you showcase your current and future lines within a secure user and password protected environment. Retailers can view and select the lines they want with the resulting order placed immediately into your own stock system for rapid dispatch.

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